City Market hopes for boost from NBC's "Parks and Recreation"

Cara Dafforn's crock pot dinners will make an appearance on Thursday's "Parks and Recreation."
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A real Indianapolis landmark will soon be featured on a television set in a fictitious Indiana town.

NBC's "Parks and Recreation" is about to show the rest of the country a re-creation of the City Market. Local businesses sent materials to serve as a backdrop and one such business is hoping that the new episode will be good for business.

Pawnee is a fictional Indiana town portrayed in the show, which has taped at the Indiana Statehouse, St. Elmo and Lucas Oil Stadium and is now about to reveal City Market.

"I'm going to be on Parks and Rec next Thursday!," said businesswoman Cara Dafforn. "I really hope it helps the business. Maybe get some more people. We are doing fine, but it would help me to grow."

Dafforn makes a living selling crock pot - or, as she calls it - "simple" suppers.

"You just pour the mix in. Add the chicken on top and take the day off. Freedom in a sack," she said as she assisted another customer.

She recently was contacted by the show to send some props for a segment entitled "Farmers Market."

"Can you give us props? Cloths, linens, sales boards and we can buy 20 bags of beans. I said, 'Absolutely, but you will have to buy them by the case'," Dafforn recalled.

She has sold the creations she grows on her Clay County farm for the last two-and-a-half years. On this day, she is busily creating a new blend, which she now calls "Pawnee Chickpea." She is hoping that Friday morning, folks will come by and ask her.

"Is this the home of the famous Pawnee Chickpea?" she exclaimed.

U-Relish Farm is one of five local winter market companies contacted to send materials to Parks and Recreation. City Market is planning a viewing party Thursday night.

"I assume it will be entertaining. I assume it will be a parody and I assume we will all get to laugh together," Dafforn remarked.

The clips certainly lead you to believe she will be right on all counts. No matter what, on Friday morning, Dafforn will be back at her shop greeting people the same way she did on Thursday.

"Hello, welcome to the market," Dafforn said to another customer.

She is just hoping there will be a few more people to hear it.

The episode of Parks and Recreation airs this Thursday night at 8:30 on Channel 13.