City leaders react to Bisard verdict

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Updated: . has compiled reaction from public officials and others involved in the case of IMPD Officer David Bisard. Bisard was found guilty on all nine counts for his role in an August 2010 crash that killed Eric Wells and injured two others.

Mayor Greg Ballard:

"Today's verdict undoubtedly provides a sense of justice and closure to this sad ordeal. I pray the many people whose lives were impacted by this episode find peace moving forward and our city and its police department never forget the lessons to be gleaned from it."

Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Rick Hite:

"It has been a long and difficult three years for the victims in this case and for our city. We hope that today's verdict provides some level of closure for those that have been affected. IMPD learned many lessons through this incident, and as a result, we have made policy changes commensurate with the new direction of the department. Because of these changes we are a better police department. We want to thank the community and the hard-working members of the IMPD for their patience. We will continue to move forward, to pray for those victimized in this incident and hope they find a measure of peace in the future."

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry:

"While we are pleased by the jury's verdict, we should never forget that there is no reason to celebrate today. The events of August 6, 2010, are without question a tragedy for all involved. It is an unimaginable tragedy for the family of Eric Wells - his wife Luisa and his parents Aaron and Mary. It is a horrible tragedy for Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly, whose lives are forever altered. But it is also a tragedy for the family of Officer Bisard, Officer Bisard himself, and our police department.

We take no pleasure in prosecuting a police officer, and it certainly should never be suggested that Officer Bisard is an evil person. However, all of us - whether a police officer, attorney, teacher, or otherwise - must accept responsibility for our actions. The message of the jury's verdict is that Officer Bisard must accept such responsibility and be held accountable for his actions on that day."

Fraternal Order of Police:

"The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #86 learned of the jury verdict concerning David Bisard. The Indianapolis FOP holds a strong belief in due process for anyone accused of a crime, whether a citizen, an elected official, or a police officer, including David Bisard.

From the beginning, our membership has steadfastly held that a fair and impartial review of alleged criminal activity is critical to our system of justice. A significant step was completed today and we are respectful of the process.

Our city's police officers are professionally trained and held to the highest of standards. These prescribed measures of due process are in place and they should always be followed based upon facts and due consideration.

This is another step in a tragic event that has affected many lives and our city. We ask for our community's continued support of our police officers while they continue to diligently serve our city and keep us safe.

We again want to take this opportunity to extend our sympathies to the Wells, Weekly and Mills families. Our organization prays for their comfort, as well as for the members of the Bisard family, during these difficult times as our City attempts to move forward.

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs:

First and foremost, we will continue to keep all those families affected by this incident in our thoughts and prayers, and hope this verdict will help as they seek peace. IMPD is not represented by those that stray from what is right, but rather by the 1,500 courageous men and women who work tirelessly every day to protect their neighbors and their community. We appreciate the work and effort put forth by the court and by the prosecutor in this case.