Circle Centre Mall opens to fans on Easter Sunday

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Thousands of families spent Sunday morning in church services celebrating the end of the Lenten season with Easter service celebrations. While many retailers typically close in honor of the holiday, one giant mall decided to open Sunday. Circle Centre Mall decided the NCAA Tournament called for a big change of plans.

"She needed hairspray!" said Jamey Vaughn.

Lucky for Duke fan Cindi Vaughn, Circle Centre Mall was open Sunday.

"You gotta look good for the game. I mean, we gotta represent our team, right? We're in it to win it," cheered Cindi.

Typically closed on Easter Sunday, Circle Centre Mall made a calculated decision to open to accommodate the droves of basketball fans in town for the NCAA Regional Tournament. They all seemed to have the same game plan.

"Actually we needed something to do to pass some time because our game doesn't start til five," said James Lindsey.

"That's the main reason we came downtown because we found the Circle Centre Mall was going to be open to accommodate the fans," said Patrick Cooper.

"I think it's nice to have it open. Of course all the fans heading into town so they gotta have some place to hang out a little bit," said Rafael Juarez.

But, this hanging out for shoppers like Rafael Juarez and his family comes at a price.

"Do you think you'll spend any money," asked Eyewitness News reporter Carrie Cline.

"Probably, we'll probably find something," said Rafael.

Clearly the shoppers are enjoying their time killing time and spending money. But, what do the local merchants have to say about giving up their Easter Sunday?

"I think it was probably a smart idea to be open on Easter Sunday because of the big game. You have all the extra activity downtown," said Chase Sturgeon, Revol Wireless.

Jessica Leong runs the Cajun Grill. You won't hear any complaints from her either.

As long as there's business. The economy has been so bad. We're ready for anything that comes. I'm happy," said Jessica.

"This is a great sports town. We've never been to Indy before, but there's something here for everyone. We love it! It's fun," said Cindi.

A big indicator that the extra effort to show Indy's visitors a good time is well worth the sacrifice.

This isn't the first time the Circle Centre Mall has opened on Easter Sunday. They did it three years ago when Indy hosted the Final Four.