Cicero Police find missing python

The Cicero Police Department has found a reticulated python that went missing from a home last month.

The snake was found in an outbuilding at a residence a few blocks from its owner's home on S. Byron St. in Cicero. The snake was found alive and the owner was called in to take it home.

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The snake is approximately 5-6 feet long and two inches in diameter. The owner tells police that the snake went missing at least ten days ago from her home on S. Byron Street.

Sherry Dawson says it's possible the snake is still inside the house, but wanted to make sure police knew about it in case it had escaped.

"We've checked behind the stove and the dryer, any place that's warm. They like warm, dark places," she said.

Because of its size, the python could only consume a small animal the size of a chipmunk or small rodent, so any threat to humans is minimal.

"It's harmless, as long as you're the size of a rodent or larger," Dawson said.

The Dawsons have kept snakes for years, raising them right along with their family. She says this particular snake is docile, is used to being handles, doesn't bite and would rather shy away from people than confront them.

She said it does not want to eat young children or other pets.

Her husband called police to try to save the snake.

"It's a pet and he wants it to come home safe," Dawson said.

The family suspects the snake is probably still somewhere in the house and they hope it flushes out when it needs a meal in the next week or two.

"Right now, it's eating medium-sized rats - not even large rats," Dawson said.

Police are advising anyone encountering the snake not to approach it, but instead contact police at 317-773-1282.