Church prays for Tuesday's hearing on same-sex marriage in Indiana

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On Tuesday, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago will hear arguments regarding same-sex marriage in Indiana.

As the conversation picks up this week, it was front and center at a special service at the Life Journey Church on Sunday in Indianapolis.

A delegation of couples who wed in Indiana over the summer will attend the hearing Tuesday. Church members offered their support Sunday.

"When they are wondering whether or not this is worth it, they can look at those hearts and see your note and see your name and know you stand behind them," Minister of Congregational Care Melody Merida said Sunday during the service.

PHOTO: Members of Life Journey Church in Indianapolis signed paper hearts with messages of encouragement Sunday ahead of Tuesday's court hearing

Church member Vanessa Johnson rushed to sign one of those hearts, writing, "May God bless you and encourage you in your effort." She said it just felt the right thing to do.

"I'm just feeling proud to be a part of it, to be able to support them," Johnson said.

It's that support that same sex couples in Indiana say they have struggled to receive.

PHOTO: Emily Anderson and Kelsey Raczak

"We met when we both played basketball at a small college in Michigan," Emily Anderson said.

Emily Anderson and Kelsey Raczak have been together more than for 4 years.

"We actually dated in secret for seven months," Raczak said.

While they're out now, they'll tell you it's still not easy.

"Just being accepted in general has been very difficult and just having a date night is a little bit nerve wracking because you get the stares," Raczak said.

They maintain they were born gay and continue to deal with the struggles.

"We have friends and family here and we've discussed leaving because marriage is something we want in our future and we can't have that here. It's scary to think that something could happen to her and I wouldn't be able to see her in the hospital," Raczak said.

They'll be keeping a close eye on what happens Tuesday as will their minister who formerly stood against gay marriage.

PHOTO: Pastor Jeff Miner, who says he has changed his position on gay marriage

"Once in my life that would have been my position," Pastor Jeff Miner said.

He says the bible and life experiences changed his position, something he hopes the high court will agree with.

"It just seems so clear that God interacts with people based on their faith, not based on their sexual orientation," Pastor Miner said.