Church hosts crime prevention meeting Tuesday


There is a hope for peace on Indianapolis streets in the hot summer ahead.

"The way it's going, I'm not so sure about that," Katina said. "It's a worry, yeah it is."

From the drug-related quadruple murders this winter to the killing of Nathan Trapuzzano last week on W. 16th Street, allegedly by a 16-year-old, it's been a deadly period.

But people are not giving up on their neighborhoods.

"The more someone knows, the less likely to go down the wrong path in life," says Billy Albright, hanging new windows in a house on the near north side.

"More job opportunities," are needed, says Andrew, who lives up the street. "Opportunities not to be out on the street and to be part of the problem, but to be part of the solution to it instead."

The city reached out Tuesday too, at the second Community Conversation on Crime at Light of the World Church.

"Thank you for saving the life of another 16-year-old so we don't have to put handcuffs on him," said Rick Hite, IMPD's chief.

Hite set the tone for the first in a series of roundtable talks between residents Tuesday night. Inside the church hall, several hundred participants broke into tables of a half-dozen or so to brainstorm ideas to curb youth violence.

"Before it happened to him, my son, I cared," said Donita Torrance, whose son Walter Harris was murdered on the east side last May. She wants two anti-violence walks to be held on May 17th to raise public awareness.

"We're taking books into the inner city to see if we can make a difference," said another participant.

"You're an ex-felon, you can't move into public housing," said another attendee who called for better programs to help those just released from prison.

"Have we even talked to the kids?" asked another round-tabler. "Do we need to get together with the youth?" .

"Build more clubs or have more events," said an 18-year-old, who said positive experiences like church kept him on the straight and narrow. And many suggested enforcing curfew as a step on the road to peace.



With the rising murder rate in Indianapolis, the community will hold a conversation tonight aimed at stopping the violence.

Indianapolis Metro Police, along with city leaders, will be on hand at the Light of the World Church at 4646 North Michigan Road tonight for an open conversation about crime.

City Councilor Maggie Lewis will gather the comments and present them to city leaders for feedback.

The meeting starts at 6:00 pm.

A violent weekend in Indianapolis stretched into the start of the week. Indianapolis Metro Police reported ten shootings in just 72 hours over the weekend.