Christmas toy purchase was surprise mom hadn't planned

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"You lift the wings up, turn it to the side," said 10-year-old Parker Jordan, showing up his newest Lego set.

He's been collecting Lego building blocks since he was five.

"He loves Legos," said mom Corrie Jordan-Calfee. "He's a Lego fanatic."

"I wanna be a Lego designer when I grow up," Parker added.

It should be no surprise then, that Parker's mom bought him a new Lego set for Christmas this year. However, she was the one in for a surprise on Christmas Eve.

"I went to wrap it and all of this junk fell out," said Jordan-Calfee.

"A bouncing ball," she said. And there was a bottle of play sand and puzzle pieces."

And very few Lego building blocks. "There were some Legos, but not the right Legos," she said.

It certainly wasn't the Lego set Jordan-Calfee had ordered online from Walmart.

"I was so sad that he was going to be disappointed not to wake up with the one thing he really wanted on Christmas," she said.

We're told it's not the first time this has happened to the family.

"It just happened on his birthday to his grandmother. She had purchased Legos for him," explained Jordan-Calfee.

Instead of Lego blocks, Parker got sand and puzzle pieces in that box too.  

There have been similar reports across the country this holiday season. One woman in Mission Beach, California opened what was supposed to be an iPod this Christmas. She got a box full of erasers and index cards.

The lesson, said Jordan-Calfee, is check what's inside the box before you give your gift.

"It's just horrible to see them, the disappointment on their face when you expect them to be so excited about a toy and then to find out that it's not at all what you purchased," said Jordan-Calfee.

This Anderson mom can't be sure who took the Lego blocks, or when. "It looked factory packaged," she said.

She's said she's glad Walmart exchanged the Lego set and threw in a gift card for her trouble.

As for the new set that she gave her son, "It's a pretty good set after all," said Parker. "I give it a five out of five stars."