Christian Sudanese woman freed after death sentence

Meria Ibrahim
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 A Sudanese woman who refused to deny her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence is back on US soil.

Meria Ibrahim was reunited with family and friends after arriving in Manchester, New Hampshire where her husband lives.

Ibrahim was sentenced to hang for being Christian.

Ibrahim was thrown into jail a year and a half ago after her family turned her in for abandoning Islam belief. Practicing Christianity is illegal in the Sudan.

Her daughter Maya was born while Ibrahim was shackled.

Supporters around the world called for her release. Finally, last week, after diplomatic negotiations, Ibrahim was allowed to go. She was taken to Rome where she was greeted by Pope Francis at the Vatican.

"She came from so far, she had struggled and to see that she met the Pope, it was a blessing for us to see that," said Rosella Lewis, a family friend.

But it was hard to top last night's homecoming. Her homecoming was the end of an 18-month ordeal and the beginning of a new life.