Children rescued from Morse Reservoir


Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Noblesville - Two young girls are recovering after some terrifying moments in the water that could have had a tragic ending. They fell through the ice on Morse Reservoir in Noblesville late Wednesday afternoon.

Paramedics rushed both girls to Riverview Hospital after neighbors pulled them from the icy Morse Reservoir. Those neighbors say it was a miracle they were there to help when needed.

For Joyce and Randy Peters, being in the right place at the right time never turned out to be more true than on Wednesday afternoon.

"All I can say is you know the purpose-driven life? God has a purpose for you and he has you in the right place," said Joyce Peters.

That right place turned out to be their Noblesville home. The time was just after 4:00 pm when their granddaughter came running into the house.

"I told her that there was an emergency. Kids were drowning," said Aubrey Peters.

The children were four- and seven-year-old girls who'd fallen through the ice on Morse Reservoir right behind the Peters' home.

"I could see that both girls were in the water over there and little one I could see was bobbing more," said Joyce.

Joyce and Randy didn't stop to think about the worst happening. There was no time.

"She grabbed a fishnet. I ran to the garage and grabbed an extension pole and some rope," said Randy Peters.

Aubrey called 911.

"I was telling 911, you have to come quickly. You have to come or they're going to die," she said.

"The older girl at that point had gotten up out of the water and Aubrey told her to sit still don't move cause ice kept breaking around her, but the little one was going down and she wasn't even crying for help," said Joyce.

"I felt like I was watching someone die and its probably the worst thing I've ever seen," said Aubrey.

So Joyce did the only thing she could.

"I thought I have no choice, so I just jumped in," she said. "I had to break the ice a little bit to get to her, but I got her right away."

"I started the CPR and it didn't look like it was going to work," said Randy.

Joyce and Randy say it took several minutes of working on the four-year-old to get her to regain consciousness. By the time she did, they say rescue crews had just arrived.

Joyce and Randy don't think of themselves as heroes.

"You just react. You do the best you can under the circumstances and hope that it works out," said Randy.

Both say they couldn't have done it without help.

"It was like today was a reason to be here because God worked through us," said Joyce.

Both girls are in stable condition, and will continue to be treated at Riverview Hospital.

A lot of ice is still on the water despite the warm weather over the past few days.

Note: In our original report, WTHR stated that a grandparent rescued one of the children. Police now say that was incorrect. The story has been updated.