Child seat belted to man injured in northeast Indianapolis crash

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A man and a young child were hurt in a crash on the northeast side of Indianapolis Monday night.

Police say the man had a preschool-aged child on his lap, seat-belted to him, when he struck a rock wall near East 64th Street and North Washington Boulevard around 10 p.m. Monday.

The blue BMW left the road, striking the wall before coming to a stop with the driver trapped under the dashboard. Firefighters say a witness reached the car and found the boy in what was left of the front seat.

The child was taken to the hospital to be treated for an injury to the back of his head that wasn't believed to be serious.

"It's the law in Indiana that the children be in car seats or booster seats and this child was riding on a man's lap. So whoever allowed that to be done, shame on them," said IFD Lt. Bonnie Hensley.

Witnesses said the boy appeared to be about four years old.

It took firefighters over a half-hour to cut the injured driver out of the car. Witnesses said the boy told them the driver was not his father.

The man left the scene in critical condition.

There was also a small pug dog on the front seat of the car, which was not hurt. A bystander took him home.

"The neighbors are taking care of the dog. Someone contacted the child's mother and she rode in the ambulance to (the hospital) with the child," Hensley said.