Child, mother hurt in accident in east Indianapolis driveway

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A young child and her mother are recovering from their injuries from an accident involving the family's vehicle in their own driveway Wednesday evening.

The accident happened shortly before 6:00 p.m. on Jill Court, near E. 25th Street and Post Road. Police say a five-year-old child shifted an SUV into neutral, possibly accidentally, and the vehicle backed onto his two-year-old sister, who was in a car seat, and the children's mother, who was loading parcels into the trunk.

The victims, 41-year-old Kerisa Pratt-Allen, and her daughter, Casielle, were pinned under the vehicle, which rolled into the street.

The children's father heard cries for help and rushed to move the vehicle.

"When officers arrived, a father...a distraught father, in a panic, obviously, his wife and child, were run over by a vehicle," said Officer Chris Wilburn.

Police believe the mother took the brunt of the impact from the SUV.

"That's a lot of weight. I mean, those vehicles weigh tons and obviously, in a panic, the mother's adrenaline was going so she did what any mother would do to protect their child," said Wilburn. "The father heard the scream of his loved ones. He comes outside sees his family members trapped and jumped in the vehicle and moved the vehicle back into the driveway."

The Kerisa and Casielle were alert and conscious on their way to Methodist Hospital, where the mother was later discharged from the Emergency Room.

The daughter was transferred to Riley, where she was listed in good condition Thursday morning.

Investigators with the Fatal Accident Crash Team were called to the scene because of the possible serious nature of the injuries.

"At this time we believe its an accident," said Wilburn.

Still, police said the FACT investigators will present their findings to the prosecutor's office, who will determine whether charges, if any, need to be filed.