Child in good condition after being struck by car at bus stop

A nine-year-old girl was struck on Whiteland Road while she waited for the school bus.

A nine-year-old Johnson County girl is in good condition following a freak accident that happened while she was sitting in the driveway of her home, waiting for the school bus.

Emily Schoenberg was hit by a car in the 2000 block of Whiteland Road. She was taken to Riley Hospital for Children.

Flowers on the doorstep will not make the hurt go away, but it should help.

Schoenberg was sitting in the driveway reading, waiting for the school bus, when a black car pulled in and stuck her on the driver's side and then, according to the police report, ran over her with both tires.

Staff Sgt. Leah Fowler, who is stationed at Camp Atterbury, just happened by at that time and then came back in the afternoon with Staff Sgt. Joseph Rivers.

"We just felt compelled to send our thoughts and prayers to the family," Rivers said.

"I drove by after it happened on the way to work. I saw the aftermath of the accident and it upset me pretty good, so the first thing I did when I got to work, I said we are going to go out and get flowers at lunch and deliver them to the family. Just leave them on the front porch," Fowler said.

It happened just east of town on Whiteland Road (CR 500 North). The car that accidentally struck the child was actually just out on a test run after being serviced. All of this happened while her mother was watching from the front window.

The folks inside the auto repair shop where the car was serviced declined to speak about what happened, but were emotionally and visually upset about what transpired. In fact, one person inside went so far as to say the hand of God was with that little girl and he hoped she would be fine.

Schoenberg is a fourth grader at Whiteland Elementary.

The Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation issued a brief statement, saying "parents have reported the student is doing well. The thoughts and prayers of our school community are with the student and her family."