Child drowns in community pool

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Indianapolis - An eight-year-old girl is dead after drowning in a community pool. It is the second time this week that paramedics have rushed a child to the hospital after a swimming accident.

Thursday night's drowning occurred in the Eagle Crossing subdivision east of Brownsburg where a sign near the pool warns that there is no lifeguard on duty. While there wasn't a professional on hand keeping watch, there were a number of witnesses as well as approximately 50 children swimming when the drowning occurred. But, no one noticed Aalayah Willis at the bottom of the pool until it was too late.

"Her uncle came and he just went running through the water with his shoes on," said swimmer, Fevin Zewoldar, "picked his niece up and put her on the sidewalk and they started doing CPR."

There was a pool attendant on duty Thursday evening but state law doesn't require a lifeguard at pools under 2,000 square feet. Children under 14 are required; though, to have an adult with them. Investigators say the little girl came to the pool with adult relatives who live in the subdivision.

To protect children, parents should learn the lifeguard rules before allowing their kids in any swimming pool. Children should never swim without adult supervision, those who have not had formal swim lessons should be kept out of deep water and parents should always lay out a set of rules for the pool.

With two serious swimming accidents already this season, it is important for parents to talk to their children now because there is still a very long and very hot summer ahead.