Child attacked by dog on Indianapolis east side

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A 12-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after being mauled by a pit bull Friday afternoon.

It happened in the 200 block of Tacoma Avenue on the east side of Indianapolis

The boy's condition is unknown, but neighbors say at one point the boy's arm was in the pit bull's mouth and the dog wasn't letting go of the boy.

"If we hadn't of gotten that dog off that kid, he would have killed him. The dog would have killed that kid," said neighbor Robin Franklin, who witnessed the attack.

It was ultimately six gun shots from a neighbor that got the dog to stop attacking.

That man didn't want to go on camera, telling Eyewitness News he was too shaken up by what had just happened.

"The dog was not letting go, he just kept gnawing away," said Franklin. "(The boy) was already all white and his lips was all blue and he was passing out. His mother was screaming, 'Help! Help!'"

"I came around the corner and it was gruesome," said another neighbor, Ronald Jenkins.

Police said the dog belonged to a man living in the Tacoma Avenue home. The boy, the son of that man's girlfriend, was just visiting when the attack happened.

According to neighbors, the dog had usually been caged inside, but the owner's son let the pit bull out of his cage and the dog went after the boy.

"He was attacking the kid. It was horrible. I mean, everyone was frantic," said Jenkins.

Neighbors said someone tried to stab the dog with a knife and then a curtain rod.

"I tried to stab it in its eye. That wasn't working," explained Franklin. "So finally some other guy come up and he stabbed it in its side. The dog did let go and my husband threw the dog off the porch."

That didn't stop the dog, though. It came back at the boy again, so the neighbor shot it several times to get the dog to stop.

The owner of the dog has been cited in the incident.