Child abuse suspect arrested after Muncie standoff

Elliott Reynolds
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Muncie Police and Henry County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend and abusing her young child.

Officers surrounded the South Hackley house over concerns that Elliott Reynolds, 24, had weapons inside. He initially refused to come out of his house, but he later surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody.

"It was challenging, because, as you can see, people are curious and want to know what's happening and we didn't know how this would end," said Henry County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Mike Engle.

Police had an arrest warrant for Reynolds, who faces charges of stalking, invasion of privacy, battery and strangulation.

"I would see him occasionally when I was out walking my dog and I would speak to him, but I never saw anything out of the ordinary at his house," said neighbor Nellie Gee.

But police serving a search warrant say the situation was anything but ordinary.

Police allegedly confiscated a marijuana-growing operation during a raid at Reynolds' home to collect computer equipment he reportedly used to post nude photos and videos of his ex-girlfriend after their hostile break-up.

Detectives say they found videos of Reynolds hitting and slapping a young boy, as well as spitting and urinating on him and suffocating him. The boy's mother identified the child as her son, and she also identified Reynolds in the video.

The woman told police that Reynolds was never left alone with her children for more than a few hours at a time. She also said she had no reason to believe her child was being abused, and that a bruise she noticed on her child at the time was attributed to falling off the couch.

But the videos tell a different story. According to police, Reynolds videotaped himself at least 20 times, with several of those videos showing Reynolds hurling abusive language at the child as well as slapping and hitting him.

One video allegedly shows the child asleep outside on the porch with Reynolds saying, "It's really cold...see his face all bruised...I choked him...slapped him." He then spit on the child and stated, "That's spit," and then continued to spit on the child's face and head several times, saying, "Hey [child's name], f--- you, you little b----."

Another video shows the child lying under a blanket awake, which Reynolds saying, "Go to you want me to [expletive] choke you again?" The video ends with Reynolds' hand over the child's nose and mouth.