Checkup 13: Preventing colorectal cancer

Debbie Price
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This month's Checkup 13 brings an opportunity for you to get a check of your colon health free of charge.

It's something Debbie Price wishes she had done sooner. The 58-year-old is now in remission after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. She had put off the exam for years, and the diagnosis was a shock.

"I never had any reason to think that anything would be wrong with me especially with the family history, nothing in the family so it was just like - well, Debbie, let's be different," she said.

Doctors say often patients don't have symptoms until late stage cancer. A home colon kit can help detect if there is a problem.

For Checkup 13 this month, courtesy St. Vincent Health, you may register to receive a free home test kit, which includes lab results. To qualify, you must be 50 or older - OR 45 or older if you are an African American. There are 500 kits available, until the supply runs out.

Call until midnight tonight. The number is 1-866-U-CHECK-13, or 1-866-824-3251. You can also register here.