Check-up 13 coping with neck pain

Check-up 13 coping with neck pain

It was a long bout of coping with neck pain before Beth Wick finally had enough.

"It was really difficult to turn my head, when you are checking a blind spot when you are driving that kind of thing it just made it more difficult there was a lot of pain involved and the range of motion just wasn't what it had been," explained Beth Wick. 

She called St Vincent Physical Therapist Lynne Neiers who after an initial evaluation took baseline measurements.

Lynne Neiers said, "When she came in she was really complaining a lot of not being able to do her daily activities not being able to go out and meet a friend for lunch."

At the time Beth. could turn her neck 48 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left.

"We were able to identify some areas that physical therapy could help her with and quite quickly we were able to help her we were able to show her some things to do at home that would help her in terms of exercising and flexibility and things and how to modify her daily activities so she wasn't in as much pain," said Neiers. 

Wick said, "There is no surgery, they are not groggy from pain medication you are able to control what happens you feel like you have contributed to the solution."

After two weeks they are measuring again, "It's always exciting when you come in and Lynn puts the different things on you to check your range of motion," says Beth.

Now turning her head 70 degrees to the right and 64 degrees to the left, "It's like yes I accomplished something."

Neiers says too often patients delay seeking help and create new issues when they modify their movement to accommodate the pain.

Beth says next time she will seek a fix faster.

"It's made a big difference in a short amount of time, do you just wish you had come in sooner? I do wish I had come in sooner, indeed I wish I had," says Wick.

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