Chase ends with van in house on south side


An overnight police chase ended with a van crashing into a house on the south side, and a woman arrested on suspicion of robbery just before 1 a.m. Monday. 

Pat Haggard got the surprise of his life early Monday morning. He was home when the van crashed into his house in the 8200 block of Topaz Drive.

Indianapolis Metro Police had chased a couple until their van crashed into Haggard's house, sending glass, wood and his entertainment center flying.

The man driving the van ran away, but police were able to catch his female passenger.

According to police, the woman and a man were suspected of breaking into cars in a nearby neighborhood.

Haggard said the debris missed him by inches. His wife happened to be in the kitchen at the time, and amazingly, no one was hurt.  

"The impact - it sounded like an explosion," Haggard said. "My wife thought we were having an earthquake or something. It shook the whole house."

That is amazing, considering just how close the van and the debris came to hitting Haggard.