Charges hound Lawrence dog pound officer

David Ross
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A former officer of the Lawrence Animal Shelter is facing animal neglect charges after dead animals were found in deplorable conditions.

David Ross faces 11 counts of animal neglect after police found two dead dogs, a dead cat and kennels caked with days-old feces at the Lawrence Animal Shelter.

"Chelsea" is one of 12 dogs rescued from the filthy conditions at the shelter. Jessica Powers opened her door to the nine-month old dog after the dangerous conditions were exposed.

"I think she's an English setter," Powers said.

Chelsea is only about half the weight she should have been when she was rescued two weeks ago, Jessica says.

"I don't think I've ever felt a dog this thin. You can feel all her bones, all of her ribs. But she likes to be petted," Powers said.

She's filled out a lot in just five days since Jessica took her in as a foster from Every Dog Counts Rescue.

"Kind of broke my heart how skinny she was. I was afraid I was going to break her," she said.

It is unclear how long the animals were left in the dirty conditions at the shelter. Ross told police he tried to clean everyday, but knew the kennel was in poor condition and he was not up on paperwork.

Far from all that now, Chelsea has a second chance.