Charges filed against suspect in shooting near Arsenal Tech

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The man accused of opening fire on an Arsenal Tech student was in court Monday.

Court documents reveal disturbing threats police say William Alvies sent to his former girlfriend. He is accused of shooting her while she left school for lunch. She was hit once in the shoulder.

Alvies ran off, then surrendered to police later that day.

The evidence against Alvies comes from the victim, numerous other witnesses, security camera video, his own confession and text messages sent to the 17-year-old high school senior, according to court documents.

A week before the attack, investigators say Alvies texted, "On my dead daddy, on my grandpa on the Holy Bible, if you move on, I'm gone kill you." Then, he messaged, "I been have visions/bad thoughts in my head of buying a gun then coming up to your job and blowing your head off."

Outside of court, Alvies' mother provided a possible explanation for his behavior.

"He has mental issues. If they would have helped him, he wouldn't be going through all this," said LouAnn Hardin.

Hardin claims her son is bipolar, suffers from depression and other mental illnesses and, as a ward of the State, didn't receive the help he needed.

"He's supposed to be on medication," she said. "He's been in the system since he was 16. He hasn't done nothing. He hasn't had physical therapy, no mental therapy, no nothing."

Court documents say Alvies called the victim's mother the morning of the shooting saying he would kill her daughter. The woman thought she had calmed him down but later received a text from Alvies. It said, "I don't want to go to prison over some chick."

In court Monday, we also learned William Alvies is a father-to-be, expecting three children - each from a different women.

In addition to attempted murder, the teenager is charged with stalking, criminal recklessness and other crimes. If convicted, the 19-year-old could spend much of his life in prison.

Trial is set for August.