Changes coming to Indianapolis towing procedures

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The City of Indianapolis is making new efforts so it's easier to reclaim your car after its been towed.

A California company has won the contract for the city's towing contract. San Francisco-based Auto Return says it will no longer require people first go to the auto desk window at the City-County Building to pay up and then drive to one of several towing company lots. Instead, starting July first, people have one-stop service.

All towed cars will be stored and paid for at a single location at 2451 Belmont Avenue on the city's west side.

"I think anything we do taking towing forward as an industry is going to speak to minimizing to what we saw in the past into some of the predatory practices inside and outside, one way or another, be it within the industry or within our own government or within the public itself," said Rick Powers, Code Enforcement. "This should create that open feeling that reports are coming to the city from this vendor. We're going to see their performance, how well they are managing vendors. And we are going to go to one place if we have a complaint, not to the vendor specific, we will go to AutoReturn and say we have an issue. And you oversee this contract, and you oversee these operations, and we expect this level of performance. All of this is built into this contract."

The deal with Auto Return is for five years.

The prices stays the same at $90 a tow.

See a map of current towing locations.