Central Time Zone advocates bring petitions to Statehouse

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Like clockwork, the debate over Indiana's time zone and Daylight Saving Time is being argued over by Indiana lawmakers.

That's the hope of two Hoosiers who walked the walk to the Statehouse Wednesday to present lawmakers with 25,000 signatures in order to convince them to take up the issue.

The wheels of progress sometimes move ever so slowly. For the last two years, Sue Dillon has been collecting signatures to ask Indiana lawmakers to roll back the clock.

"I have petitions to deliver to the General Assembly," Dillon said.

She believes Indiana's move to the Eastern Time Zone is a mistake.

Dillon has been working with Jim Disney, a now-retired school administrator from Danville to get a vote on the issue, but time has always run out.

"The issue was time zones. The issue is not Daylight Saving Time. The issue is simply, we are going to be in Eastern or Central Time Zone," Disney said.

"When it comes to us as parents, it's safety first for our kids," said Donna Jones of Greenwood.

A married mother of two, Jones doesn't know anything about what those two are trying to do at the Statehouse, but she does know what she sees in the morning.

"It's a safety issue for me. I don't like my kids outside in the morning in the dark," Jones said.

It was presented as a boon for business and Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar says it is.

"Businesses in the Eastern Time Zone overwhelmingly support staying in the Eastern Time Zone, not the Central Time Zone," Brinegar said in his 8th floor office across from the Statehouse.

The red buttons worn by Dillon and other supporters at the Statehouse say otherwise, but they know it will be a long process.

"Last year it was assigned to rules, which is the cemetery for rules and resolutions," said Dillon.

But the clock is ticking. Now, all they can do is hope lawmakers look at those petitions that have 25,000 signatures.

Daylight Saving Time, much like class basketball, is an issue Hoosiers always have an opinion on and always will.