Central Indiana residents brave the latest round of winter weather

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A lot of people were getting out in the snow and sleet Sunday morning, simply because they had to. Workers, shoppers and churchgoers told us even with winter's latest blast, they weren't going to let the weather get the best of them.

"It just went from snow to basically ice in the last hour," one driver told WTHR early Sunday.

Ice coated roads and cars, but people across central Indiana still had Sunday plans. They had to get out the best way they could.

"It took me like 20 minutes to clear that side window by my driver's side," said Ruth Brown, who worked an overnight shift in Johnson County. "Fortunately I have a good scraper"

Jennifer Evans had to brave the elements to go to work this morning during the height of heavy snow.

"I really don't want to go in this weather. I know the roads are going to be bad. I'm not going to be able to see the lines. People are going to be swerving everywhere," she said.

She plowed through anyway. So did shoppers at local stores lugging their groceries along.

Many drivers headed to Sunday church services.

"It's Sunday. We go to church on Sunday. Regardless of the weather, we go to church," said John Thomason. "Got a snow blower. Got a snow shovel. We're here," said John Thomason.

"Regardless of the weather, we're most usually here," said Vicki Witham.

It's the view of a lot of congregation members who've endured a brutal winter thus far. They say a little snow won't stop them from worship.

"All this does not bother me. All this, I do not let the weather affect me," said Eman Bishara.

Even so, a lot of those who attended services Sunday morning likely said a prayer for winter's end.

"Absolutely. We'd love to see the snow go away. We'd like to have some sunshine and a little bit warmer weather!" said Thomason.