Central Indiana highway crews ready for roadwork

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There is less sand and more empty space in one Boone County highway garage Monday night.

Sand is critical to the snow fight in the county. It's mixed 3-to-1 with salt, which has been in high demand and tight supply because of heavy winter storms around the country.

But Boone and other central Indiana counties tell us they've got enough salt on hand to get through the Tuesday-Wednesday storm and a second snowfall, as well.

Winter Storm Warning for central Indiana

In Hamilton County, they will add sand to their salt, too, to help stretch their salt supply.

"Our preference would be to use straight salt and not have to use sand. The sand, when it's icy on hills and curves, can help with traction as well," Highway Director Bradley Davis said.

From Hamilton to Boone to Indy to INDOT, all tell us they've got enough material on hand to combat the snow.

It may take twice as long to get them delivered, but salt and sand are coming in.

On I-65 Monday night, we saw the tell-tale zebra stripes laid down on the blacktop. It shows INDOT has dropped salt brine down in advance of the storm to prevent snow from freezing.

While Monday's commute home was a smooth one, Tuesday's could be a problem. The heavy stuff could be falling by then.

"In storms with a lot of snow and wind, people can actually become stranded on the roadway and have trouble getting out. That hinders our ability to get the roads open. It's a 'be cautious' type of thing," said Davis.

"My fiance is probably going to be traveling then on I-465. She's probably going to be trying to work her hours around to not...navigate in that," motorist John Bischoff said.

"I think they'll be worried. Be cold, lots of snow and talking ice, so yeah, sounds bad. Bad so far all this winter," said motorist Scott Kikendall.

INDOT says it all depends on the timing - when the hardest stuff falls and where the line finally settles between the snow and wintry mix.