Central Indiana cleans up from storm damage


A clear sky Thursday gave Hoosiers a good look at the property damage caused by severe storms.

Besides getting a good look, people are also getting to work by cleaning up and calling their insurance agents. That was certainly the case in one Greenwood neighborhood.

Signe Clausing was still in disbelief as she walked by the house with her three children. Clausing, who lives behind it, was home when lightning struck on Wednesday evening, setting off a fire that destroyed the second floor.

"I looked out the back window and just saw smoke filling the sky," she said.

No one was hurt, thanks to another neighbor who saw the fire and alerted the homeowner inside.

Another south side home was also struck by lightning, with cleaning crews removing bags of clothing, bedding and other belongings damaged by smoke and water.

Next door, a tree company was cutting up and removing one of the many trees brought down by strong winds.

Tony Carver and his son Jacob were also left with a big mess and daylong cleanup.

"We've lost smaller trees but nothing close to this size," said Carver.

"It was just coming down in buckets and I was afraid of what I'd find this morning," said Carolyn McClain, who found several acres of her farm field underwater. She says the flooding has gotten worse in recent years, making it hard to plant corn and beans.

"I hate to sell but if you can't plant crops, it's costing me, and with no income I can't cover it so it's just not worth it," she said.

"It's a bit discouraging. It's like here's another issue we have to deal with," said Larry Powers, Greenwood resident.

The downed tree is the least of Larry Powers' problems. The restoration crews were still repairing damage from the polar vortex in January when powers pipes froze and burst, sending water gushing through his house.

If you have damage, experts say first assess the damage and take pictures, then call contractors and get three written proposals. Know your insurance coverage by reviewing your policy and request an adjuster for an inspection.

See some tips for filing an insurance claim here.