Central Indiana cleans up from spring storms

South Anderson
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Rain and thunderstorms have moved out of central Indiana after pounding the area overnight. Thursday morning will be dry and calm, but there's a chance more storms could re-appear later this afternoon.

The storm that rolled through overnight didn't cause too much serious damage, but there was quite a bit of hail, especially in Hamilton County and on the Indianapolis north side.

The greens at the Brookshire Golf Course in Carmel turned white from all of the hail. In some cases cars were dinged and windshields shattered. In others it sounded a whole lot worse than it was.

"We thought seriously the roof was coming in. It was really loud and then we saw golf ball size ones, They said, 'oh, somone's car' and it was my car!" said a woman whose back windshield was shattered.

If you do have damage to your car and you have comprehensive insurance coverage, the repairs will be covered. If you only have liability coverage, you'll have to make repairs on your own dime. In any case, take some pictures, call your insurance agent and make a claim as soon as possible.

See storm pictures here.