Central Ave. to become two-way


A portion of Central Ave. will be converted from one-way to two-way over the summer.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is planning four two-way conversions in May/June 2013.

DPW says the changes are designed to help local business while keeping pedestrian safety in mind.

Central Avenue from Fall Creek Parkway North Drive to 34th Street, 30th Street between Central and Ruckle, 29th Street from Central to Park Avenue and Ruckle from 29th to 30th Street. Crews are currently repaving this section of Central Avenue and will be converting these four one-way streets to two-ways to promote economic development in the area.

"By working together, we have maintained the street's functionality while increasing pedestrian safety and business vitality, which are essential for a successful cultural and retail hub," said Lori Miser, Director of the Department of Public Works. "Our department takes pride in being able to work with communities to address their needs."

The two-way conversions are planned for the week of May 27, 2013, and are expected to take two days, weather pending. After the conversion, Central Avenue will have a driving lane and a parking lane without rush hour restricted parking in each direction.

"The Mapleton Fall Creek area is blossoming and attracting businesses and families," Leigh Riley Evans, Executive Director of the Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corporation said. "After working with the City and addressing residents' concerns, we are looking forward to the economic development, traffic calming and place making opportunities the conversion is expected to bring to the neighborhood."

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