Center Grove student dies in crash

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Center Grove High School's principal says a student died in a car crash Tuesday night, and two others - a current and former student at the high school - were injured.

Principal Doug Bird did not provide the names of the victims.

The crash occurred at State Road 135 and Applewood Drive between 10:30 and 10:45 pm. Greenwood Police took the report but had few details.

The school will provide a counselor and an administrator available at the high school on Friday from 2pm-4pm, Saturday from 3pm-5pm, and Sunday from 3pm-5pm for any students who wish to speak with someone. Students should come to the main entrance to the school to be buzzed in.

The Bluff Creek Christian Church has also offered the help of their staff to students who wish to speak with someone outside of these hours. Their number is (317) 300-4223.

"Please keep these students and their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers over what will surely be a very difficult holiday," Bird said in an email to parents.