Center Grove grad involved in new education social network

Cody Negri

A former Center Grove High School student who designed an app for his fellow students has moved on to his next promising venture. Now he's in on the ground floor of a project that goes well beyond the hallways of his high school.

Cody Negri knows more about iPhone apps than your average smartphone user.

When last we talked with him, he was designing the smartphone application for his classmates at Center Grove High School.

Since graduation, he's moved on to developing other apps for small business, but his talents have brought him to a promising venture called

"Now I have a chance to make an app that hundreds of thousands hopefully even millions of people will be able to use," said Negri.

It looks a lot like Facebook, but the website, also known as, was born in Indiana, and promises to gather students and teachers, much like the social network has gathered friends.

IUPUI Professor Ali Jafari is the founder of Course Networking.

"The primary users of the system are expected to be the students and the teachers. That they need to have a kind of networking tool within the classroom to connect themselves to other classrooms in a similar subject all over the world," he said.

Course networking operates out of the Indiana Emerging Technologies Center near downtown Indianapolis. It's a business incubator that is currently home to around two-dozen technology-related ventures.

Students at IUPUI are among the first to sign up for the free service.

"It fills a gap that a lot of social media sites don't even touch, like a Linked In and a Facebook combined," said Zach Roach, IUPUI student.

"There have been people from Malaysia signing up and it's really interesting to see how many people around the world have already heard about it," said Kristen West, IUPUI Senior. is looking to partner with around 40 universities as it grows.

Cody Negri says in the next month, you'll be able to download the app he's designed.

"There are so many different devices being launched every day and my job will be to make sure Course Networking will be visible on all those devices in the future," he said.