Center Grove class using stability balls

The students are allowed to wiggle and sway while they learn, but there are rules about bouncing while working.

You usually find stability balls in a gym, but now students at one elementary school are using the fitness equipment in Center Grove classroom.

"I need group three over here with me to switch," said teacher Jena Kennedy.

It's always a busy day in Mrs. Kennedy's classroom.

Instead of dragging chairs from work station to work station, the second graders are rolling their chairs.

"I like the balls because if we have those chairs we couldn't be able to move around. This is going to be a fun year!" said student Riley.

It's fun and focused. Mrs. Kennedy says she got the idea to sit her students on these stability balls from Pinterest.

The Center Grove Education Foundation gave the elementary teacher a grant to add 28 stability balls to her classroom.

"Even as adults, we have the wiggles and a lot of energy. Especially the kids. While they are sitting here just like this, you see them moving side to side. They move up and down. They are able to release that energy without thinking about it," said the teacher.

"I kinda like it. I am sure going to order a red Trojan Center Grove one for my office," said Principal Bruce Haddix.

Principal Bruce Haddix agreed to Mrs. Kennedy's idea.

The principal says these seats also give the students more mobility, and, he's noticed - even if they're bouncing a bit- they're paying attention, longer.

"I see a difference in the classroom in the way the kids can focus. That's going to be nothing but helpful when it comes to test scores and achievement," said the principal.

"It's way more better than sitting on metal," said student Will.

The students are allowed to wiggle and sway while they learn, but there are rules about bouncing while working.

"When they are working, no bouncing. They can only move side to side a little but they can't go up and down...because you can get hurt," said Mrs. Kennedy.

It's a progressive learning tool that rolls right under their desk!

IPS school 19 started using the stability balls last year with four classrooms. This year, all students kindergarten through eighth grade are sitting on the balls.

IPS said they have seen better test scores.

We'll check back in with Mrs. Kennedy's second-grade class to see if they have improvements in scores as well.

The principal at Center Grove Elementary said they plan to look at replacing more classrooms with the stability balls.