CDC reports spike in flu cases

CDC reports spike in flu cases
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If misery loves company, the nation's hospitals should prepare for a lot of visitors.

"I have a headache. I have no appetite and I feel rotten," said Shirley Sanders, patient.

She's not alone. The flu is now widespread in 35 states including Indiana. It's up from 25 states last week, according to the CDC.

Emergency rooms in Texas are feeling the heat.

"We're all staying late for our shifts, working overtime and trying to get these patients seen. We're employing all kinds of methods trying to get them in and out of the emergency department in a timely fashion," said Dr. Brad Sellers, Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Despite the spike in cases, infectious disease specialists say this is typical for a flu season. the dominant strain has been H1N1, and it's just the beginning.

"It is H1N1 typically, Influenza Type A, but we're seeing more serious cases of it this year. We're not sure exactly why but we've seen some very serious cases and several deaths in the state. It's not too late to get your flu shot, go ahead and get it, it will take several weeks to become active for you, but get it now," said Dr. Steve Samuels, St. Francis Hospital.

Some areas are experiencing a shortage of liquid Tamiflu, which is often given to children with the flu. Experts say the shortage is temporary, and pharmacies have the ability to make the liquid for kids out of capsules.