CDC: 47 states report widespread flu activity


Forty-seven states reported widespread flu activity last week, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it may be decreasing in some areas.

According to the CDC's latest flu report, Indiana is experiencing "moderate" flu activity along with 15 other states; 24 states have high flu activity. The report measures "influenza-like illnesses" which means that not all of those illnesses are necessarily influenza.

So far, Indiana has reported 15 deaths due to the flu. Because the flu typically peaks in February, health officials are concerned that this season is more severe than usual. They encourage Hoosiers to get the flu shot and practice common-sense hygiene to avoid getting sick.

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In a separate document, the CDC says this year's flu vaccine is approximately 62 percent effective against the most common strains of flu (type A, H3N2) going around this year. While that result is subject to change, it means the vaccine will provide moderate protection against the flu - but some people who got the flu shot may still get the flu. If you or a family member starts to develop flu symptoms, it's important to see your doctor right away to start anti-viral medication to reduce the severity of the illness.

Symptoms of the flu

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