Catchings savors Olympics gold; looking forward to new WNBA season


Olympic gold medalist Tamika Catchings is back home from London and turning her focus to the Indiana Fever.

She's still reeling from winning her third gold medal in London with the US women's basketball team. Catchings showed off her medal Wednesday at Banker's Life Fieldhouse.

"My first experience was back in 2004 and I was one of the youngest ones on the team, so I was the rookie. And basically being the rookie, you're one of the youngest; you don't say anything. You just kind of go out there, you play, you practice and you don't say a word. Then in 2008 you're able to say a little bit more but you gotta be careful. And then this year, obviously just being more of a leader vocally and even by the way that I play," she said, describing her transition on the Olympic team over the years.

Tamika says each time was different, but all of her Olympic appearances were "a lot of fun."

Eyewitness Sports asked her what she plans to do with her medal. "It's too heavy to wear! It's limited wear time. For me, I got all three of them and put them in a safe deposit box." They're only taken out for special occasions, including a Sept. 1 event. "I'm not at home enough to have them out lying around."

Tamika doesn't mind showing off her gold medal - even on the plane ride home from London, she said the pilot and flight staff came out and posed for pictures with her while she wore it. "A lot of people touched it; some people I let wear it. I realize the importance of what this means. It's one of those things that kind of brings unity because everybody knows what a gold medal is," she said.

As far as Rio goes, Tamika says "we'll have to see what happens" and that four years to the next Olympics is a long way off.

The Fever season picks up again Thursday night at Banker's Life Fieldhouse against the Washington Mystics. The team will honor Catchings in a pre-game ceremony.