Carson answers questions on health care reform

Congressman Andre Carson
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Kevin Rader/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The debate over revamping health care took to Indianapolis airwaves as a congressman and experts tried to set the record straight on proposed reform. Representative Andre Carson held a health care town hall on the radio,

It was billed as a telephone town hall meeting. WTLC host Amos Brown discussed health care reform on WTLC-AM live with a host of guests including Congressman Andre Carson.

"How can we sit there and say this is all about reform and refuse to include tort reform?" a caller asked.

"This talk about we need tort reform doesn't add up. Indiana has a cap on claim payouts," Carson explained. "Even with this costs are going up and more than 750,000 Hoosiers are still uninsured."

It also allowed for clarifications.

"No proposal currently being considered will do anything to cut Medicare benefits or to increase out of pocket expenses for Medicare beneficiaries," said June Lyle, AARP.

The telephone town hall lacked the edge of a live town hall. Congressman Carson got a dose of what that would be like when he spoke to the Indianapolis Rotary Club earlier this week. A man asked questions during his talk and the conversation continued afterward, with the man insisting that the current health care system is "in great shape."

Sitting with a copy of the Affordable Health Choices Act beside him, Congressman Carson lobbied callers for what he says is a no-brainer. Afterwards he said the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy makes the passing of health care reform even more imperative.

"This health care proposal is his baby, so we have to move forward more than ever because he is known as the lion in the Senate. He's been such a huge advocate in the Senate for health care reform. We have to move forward and not dishonor him by letting this thing die out," said Carson.

Sen. Kennedy's leadership in the past on health care reform may now dictate its future.

Congressman Baron Hill has scheduled two town hall meetings for next week. The first one is Monday in New Albany and the second is next Wednesday in Bloomington.