Cars stolen, woman shot during Indianapolis home invasion

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For the second time in a week, armed men burst into an Indianapolis home, robbed a family and stole their cars.

In Tuesday's case, the robbery turned violent with a woman getting shot. She is expected to recover from her injuries, but the four men responsible for the crime are still on the loose.

Both home invasions happened on the Indianapolis north side. Tuesday morning's incident occurred at a home near 79th and College. Last week's happened on Spring Mill Rd.

Crime scene investigators spent the morning gathering evidence at the north side Indianapolis home after armed burglars forced their way in. The father of the household says around 7:30 am, three to four men came in threatening him, his wife and daughter, taking cell phones, cash and car keys. They eventually shot his wife in the leg.

People living nearby were shocked about the attack and described the family to Eyewitness News.

"I know them as neighbors. We see each other walking to the streets. They are very nice people," said Paul Forbes.

"Super nice folks. You know them in a neighborly way and you know wave as they drive by and talk as you get the paper together," said Greg Perry.

Perry suspects the burglars may have cased the neighborhood looking for opportunity and spotted an easy target.

"They left their garage door open and that is how they got in. And I have left the garage door open; we have all left our garage door open and you just forget to close it," he said.

Police found two of the family cars near 62nd and Michigan Road within a couple of hours. The burglars left the cars in the Bethesda Temple church parking lot. A third vehicle was also recovered.

Police urge you to call about suspicious people as the victim's neighbors consider the violent home invasion a serious wake-up call.

"I think the last ten years it's become a lax thing because nothing has happened but I would imagine we will probably have some meetings pretty soon," said Forbes.

"It's incumbent on you to call the police and tell us it's people lurking around so that we can figure out exactly what they are doing in your neighborhood," said Lt. Chris Bailey, IMPD.

Police are still looking for four African-American men in connection with the crime. No other details were available concerning the suspects' descriptions.

Call 262-TIPS if you have information about this incident, or 911 if you see people behaving suspiciously in your neighborhood.