Carnival woes makes for deals for cruise passengers

The Carnival ship "Dream" was stuck in Saint Maarten last week.
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A vacation nightmare for some could lead to dream trips for others.

There have been more problems with Carnival cruise ships. That's now leading to instant discounts for families looking for vacations.

2013 certainly hasn't been smooth sailing for Carnival Cruises. If you're looking for a good deal, this is the time to book a cruise, said travel agent Alex Kutin with Travel Leaders.

"Carnival is experiencing some very bad luck at the present time," said Kutin.

This week, the Carnival ship "Dream" became stranded in Saint Maarten because of a broken back-up generator. Carnival had to charter 50 flights for more than 4,300 guests off the ship.

Now, Carnival ship "The Legend" has had problems affecting its sailing speed as the ship heads back to Tampa. Carnival's "Elation" also reported a similar problem this past weekend.

All of this comes just a month after Carnival's ship "Triumph" caught fire, lost power, and left passengers and crew stranded for days in the Gulf of Mexico without working toilets and air conditioning.

Dozens of those passengers have filed lawsuits.

"They have to do something, you know, to build confidence in the consumer to get back on to the Carnival cruise ships," said Kutin. "There are some very good specials on Carnival at this time."

Eyewitness News checked online to compare prices for Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in April.

For a seven-day Caribbean cruise, Carnival prices start at $429 per person. Royal Caribbean will cost you $749. A five-day Caribbean cruise costs $299 on Carnival. On Royal, the price is $419. For a four-day cruise, Carnival is just $189 per person. On Royal, you'll pay $419.

With prices so low, Kutin said those numbers could come down even more.

"All of the cruise lines react to what the competition is doing within the market place. All of them do," Kutin explained.

With so much in the media lately though about Carnival's troubles, Kutin said, "There's a lot of clients that have not cruised in the past, that currently are saying, 'I just don't think that I want to go on a cruise at this particular time.'"