Carmel Socialist files for candidacy in Indiana House District 39


Voters in Indiana's 39th House district will have an unusual option on the ballot this November.

Socialist candidate John Strinka of Carmel filed his candidacy with the Indiana Secretary of State for the Indiana House of Representatives, District 39. Strinka is a warehouse worker and father of four.

As required by law, Strinka filed 459 signatures in support of his candidacy, all verified by the Hamilton County Clerk.

Strinka says it's the first time in decades that a Socialist has been on the ballot in Indiana for any major office.

"As a Socialist, I believe in the principle of prosperity for everyone, not just for the few," said Mr. Strinka. "I believe that government should be responsive to the needs of everyday working people, not just the wealthy and corporations."

Strinka sharply criticized the "right to work" legislation passed by the Republican-led state legislature, calling it a "race to the bottom."