Carmel school board revisits bullying policy

Carmel's school board met Monday to discuss their anti-bullying policy.

CARMEL - A local school district that put a focus on bullying is take another look at its anti-bullying policy.

For the better part of a year, a construction trailer sitting in the back parking lot of Carmel High School has been serving as an instrument of change.

After a series of assaults on underclassmen occurred in the varsity locker room and another on a team bus, the school board promised physical changes to the building.

Eyewitness News was told by the company that did the renovations to 16 locker rooms at the high school that the changes give coaches and teachers a clear view of students and their activities. Ask just about any Carmel student and they know why - bullying.

A group of students we spoke to Monday will tell you there is no such thing as a bully-free high school.

"It is people that think it is funny and don't realize what they are doing is wrong, so they do it anyway and don't think it is bullying," said a student.

In the weeks following the assaults at Carmel, the school board promised changes in policy and introduced sweeping changes.

But were the changes enough?

"Human behavior is ongoing," said Superintendent Dr. Jeff Swensson.

The board heard the details of another year-long project on how to control bullying in Carmel Schools.

"So that we are always working on a respectful behavior and responsible behavior," Swensson said.

Board members say Monday's discussion of the anti-bullying and hazing policy was just an extension of that policy.