Carmel ready to ticket truckers using roundabouts for U.S.31 detour

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Roundabouts in Carmel are getting an unwelcome workout and the city is putting the squash on it.

The closure of  U.S. 31 means some 18-wheelers are creating their own detours through local roads not equipped to handle the load.

These roundabouts are delicate and require finesse to navigate that a big, bulky 18-wheeler doesn't generally have. With the increase in big-trucker traffic through these local roundabouts, the city is seeing more congestion as they tie up traffic and tear up the pavement.

That's why the Carmel City Council voted to ban trucks larger than 19,500 pounds from some local roads that have seen increased traffic since 31 closed. Police will start ticketing truckers in the next several weeks.

Council members said truckers don't believe the sign up north that says "No-through traffic, divert to Keystone." By the time they realize the sign is for real, they're stuck.

The city hopes a little enforcement will change that and preserve their local roads. One exception to this ban is that it does not apply to trucks making local deliveries.

Here's a list of the roads closed:

-Old Meridian St.

-Guilford Rd. from 116th St. to Old Meridian St.

-Main St. from Illinois St. to Keystone Parkway -136th St. from Illinois St. to Rohrer Rd.

-Illinois St. from 116th St. to 136th St.