Carmel Police release report on bus assault

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Carmel - The Carmel Police Department has released a redacted version of a police report involving the assault of a student on a school bus.

The incident occurred on January 22nd as the Carmel High School boys' basketball team returned home from an away game. However, the school administration says it was only made aware of the situation on February 16th, after hospital workers filed a report with Child Protective Services after treating the victim.

Much of the police report is redacted. In the report, the alleged victim stated that the bus, headed back to Carmel from Terre Haute, stopped in Cloverdale, then continued on the journey home. It was during that portion of the journey that the alleged assault occurred.

The boy told police he was asleep on the bus. He woke up and decided to walk to the back of the bus. He told police when he got to the back of the bus, other players grabbed him.

The next portion of the police report is blacked out, but it refers to "both assaults" and that they each lasted about ten minutes.

The alleged victim told police the attacks occurred around 11:00 pm.

WTHR's 13 Investigates submitted an Expanded Open Records Request Thursday morning. The release of the censored report came after our request. Wednesday, Carmel Police denied media requests for the police report.

The City of Carmel released a statement explaining why parts of the report were unavailable:

"The City of Carmel will not release any facts of the case that might jeopardize the investigation."

It said names of those involved were left out to protect the privacy of minors and those who had not been charged with a crime.

It seems the case was also taken to a higher level. The FBI confirmed a complaint was filed with its office about the Carmel case. The FBI said an officer will look at the information and decide if it should be forwarded to an agent for investigation.

Carmel Police have said it could take weeks before they complete their investigation and send it to the prosecutor's office for review.

New assault case

Also, Carmel Police detectives now have a second case on their hands. Carmel police say they received a complaint from a 17-year-old male on Monday. The teen claimed he was assaulted by students at Carmel High School on January 8th. Police say the new allegation came out while they were investigating the school bus incident.

Friday night is Senior Night at Carmel High School and the final regularly scheduled game for the boys' basketball team. They host Brebeuf. There is no word if any of the players involved in this investigation will play in that game.