Carmel High School hopes to set twins record


The current senior class at Carmel High School has everyone seeing double at what could be a record rate. Thirty-four of them hope to graduate into the Guinness Book of World Records.

These Carmel High students hope to break the world record for the most twins in one graduating class. Two by two, there are 17 sets of twins in all.

Identical twins Morgan and Caroline Ward consider it a huge honor.

"I have read the book so it is amazing just to be offered this chance to be in it," said Morgan.

The current Guinness world record for twins in a graduating class is 16.

Twins Connor and Katelyn Thomas say classmates who find out they share a birthday simply think it's cool, but nothing will be cooler than actually being a part of history together.

"Twin interviews, we are together, car rides to school, we are together," said Katelyn.

Beating the world record is no easy task. Guinness sent Carmel High School this list of evidence required to beat the record.

"Copies of photo IDs, birth certificates, any name change forms if their names have changed over the years," said Wesley Drew, Carmel world history teacher.

The students will even send Guinness family photos, including those hard to distinguish baby pictures.

Identical twins Kenwyn and Kendall Pfister have looked exactly like most of their school years. But recently Kendall cut her hair. For Kenwyn, that took some of the fun out of having someone who looks exactly like you making it hard to fool classmates.

"We think we are physically looking less alike, but our personalities are different," said Kenwyn. 

Drew admits collecting documents from 34 students and their parents can be challenging. But he says its good that the students participating in the world record task really want to accomplish their mission.

Guinness wants every T crossed and I dotted in order to grant Carmel High School the world record, so it will be weeks before the twins learn if they will make the history book that could eventually end up on the school library.

The current record stands at 16 sets of twins. We're told Carmel also has several sets of twins in under classes too.

Eyewitness News has also learned that there are at least three adults who work at the school, including one teacher, who were also born twins. (Along with reporter Steve Jefferson, who has a twin sister.)