Carmel High School basketball coaches resign


Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County - Carmel-Clay school administrators didn't wait long after charges were filed against four members of the basketball team before replacing most of the team's coaches.

"Accordingly, a substantial change in leadership was necessary and has been carried out," said Dr. Jeff Swensson, superintendent, Carmel-Clay Schools.

Three freshman basketball coaches who were on the team bus when the alleged assaults on one younger player occurred in late January are gone. School officials say that they also accepted the resignation of head coach Mark Galloway.

One school board member said on Monday that it probably wouldn't look good if the district kept the coaches, adding that the indictments meant that they didn't do their jobs.

Prosecutors say that a a grand jury convened in the case could have indicted the coaches but found insufficient evidence. Carmel High School Principal John Williams told school board members Monday night that assaults by older players on three freshmen were isolated cases and not a pattern of hazing in the basketball program.

"We feel very confident that this was limited to these incidents, this team and this year," said Williams.

However, administrators outlined an new anti-hazing set of policies that go into effect next year that will add increased supervision of student athletes.

"It's not just athletes of extra-curricular. I'm concerned as a school board member and as a parent that all our children feel they're in a safe environment and that we're always moving forward to prevent situations like this from occuring," said Andrew Klein, school board president.

The policies and changes come after the fact, with four players arrested for allegedly victimizing three freshmen and a coaching staff forced to resign.

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