Carmel High School band returns after Rose Bowl Parade

Kaity Mabie
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The Carmel High School band is back home again in Indiana after a performance on New Year's Day in the Rose Bowl.

The band, color guard, parents, and directors landed at the airport Friday morning, unloaded their belongings and then went home.

Everyone tells Eyewitness News they have their own special memories of the experience.

"We actually did New Year's Eve at 9:00 pm because that was Indiana time and we had the parade in the morning so we went to sleep early," said Kaity Mabie, senior color guard.

"It was very nice out there and then coming to this, it's a little bit of a change," said Jessica Baugher, sophomore color guard.

"It was hot and my feet hurt, but it was totally worth seeing the people smiling and saying good job and we love you. It was amazing," said Emily Timmons, junior color guard.

"Our kids got to work together for seven days, living with each other and learning how to be a team like that. Just the life lesson that you can work hard and have goals and meet those," said Chris Kreke, band director.

In addition to performing in the Rose Bowl, everyone got to see Universal Studios and Disneyland.