Carmel cleans schools after discovery of MRSA

Carmel cleans schools after discovery of MRSA
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School administrators are issuing a warning to parents after two cases of a dangerous and contagious bacteria were confirmed at Carmel High School.

Officials say two students have confirmed cases of MRSA infection, leading them to scrub down parts of the high school. MRSA is a skin infection that can be hard to treat.

Athletic trainers first noticed the skin infections and sent the athletes to get medical care. Health experts say MRSA thrives in warm, damp environments like showers, locker rooms and other bathroom fixtures.

It's spread by body-to-body contact or sharing sports equipment that is contaminated or through contact with infected clothing or towels.

Other schools in central Indiana have had to disinfect with special cleanups of athletic facilities after outbreaks. To stop the spread, the Centers for Disease Control recommends showering after practice and games, not sharing towels or equipment, washing uniforms after every use and washing hands frequently.

"I think it's something that happens on occasion, so I'm not too concerned about it," said the mother of a Carmel High School student.

She says she's confident the cleanup will clear up the problem.

"MRSA is very difficult and there's a lot of companies trying to solve that problem now in the life sciences marketplace," said Shawn Conway, the father of a Carmel High School student who works in the life sciences industry. "I'm confident they'll take the proper steps to take care of it."