Carmel assault suspect lawyer distances client from bus incident

Oscar Falodun

Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County - For the first time, Eyewitness News is hearing the suspect's side of the story in the Carmel assault case.

18-year-old Oscar Falodun was expelled from school and was arrested this week, an image contrary to the one he established in four years at Carmel High School.

"He's a really nice, young man. Never had any problems before. Good student and this has hit him very hard," said Mark Sullivan, Falodun's attorney.

Falodun is charged with battery and criminal recklessness. But his attorney makes it clear that what ever he's accused of doing is not related to a sexual assault on a 14-year-old Carmel High School basketball team member alleged by the victim's attorney on Wednesday.

"My client, Oscar Falodun, was not on the bus in the incident that occurred in Hendricks County," said Sullivan. "The charges against him stem from a locker room incident that occurred at Carmel High School."

The victim's attorney, Robert Turner, flanked by the teenager's parents at a news conference Wednesday, said that the young man was battered several times culminating with an alleged sexual assault. They did not say by who.

"Physical grabbing. A confinement to the point he was held down. Removal of clothing," said Turner.

Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp said on Wednesday that grand jurors in the case were given five different charges to choose from, including criminal deviate conduct, but indicted on the lesser misdemeanors. Critics question whether jurors were given enough information in the case to hand down felony indictments.

"The primary use of a grand jury, outside of complicated crimes, is to conceal evidence so that the public really never knows what happened," said Henry Karlson, IU School of Law.

Falodun's attorney is distancing the teenager from his fellow defendants in the case, saying that his client will answer for his actions in the case whether they're criminal or not.

"There are four different people charged and there are several different incidents and every picture of my client is with the other three and all four of them are responsible for their own acts," said Sullivan.

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