Carjacking, kidnapping suspect tells story of crime

Kelly Joe Gibson Jr.
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The man arrested for kidnapping a convenience store clerk at gunpoint confessed to the crime to Eyewitness News Tuesday.

Officers arrested 31-year-old Kelly Joe Gibson Jr. after a tipster saw his face in surveillance video from the Circle K at SR 67 and Camby Road last Monday. Gibson is now charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, theft and carjacking.

Gibson, who is being held at the Morgan County Jail, says drugs were a motivating factor behind the crime.

"A mixture of things. One being heroin," Gibson told Eyewitness News.

He admitted being high on several drugs during the October 15 carjacking and robbery.

Now in jail, Gibson reflects on what happened the day he reportedly ambushed the store manager as she was going to the bank to deposit money.

"I opened the driver door and told her to scoot over," Gibson said. "She started laughing, she said it was her birthday and she thought it was a joke."

After getting the clerk in the car and driving south on SR 67 to Mooresville, Gibson says he told the woman a sad story about needing the money for his son, who is sick with leukemia.

"Which was not true. I just said it so she would calm down and try to ease her from screaming and crying and everything," Gibson said.

He also talked about what started as a pain pill addiction, which escalated to using heroin. Gibson says he spent some of the robbery money on his children.

"It sounds kind of stupid, but that is why I did it, because I was thinking about them," Gibson said.

He hopes his seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son will eventually visit him behind bars, realizing he faces serious time because of his criminal past.