Carjackers pull woman out of vehicle by her hair

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Police are looking for a stolen SUV and two violent carjackers. They grabbed a west Indianapolis woman by the hair and took more than her car.

Looking at Anna Hernandez Martinez and her son Carlos, you would never guess what she's been through.

The eighth grader translated for his mother during an interview Thursday.

"She was still inside the car. The people ran up to her, they took her out by her hair and they rode off," Carlos said.

Anna was alone when she returned home to the Pines Apartments near W. 46th Street and High School Road. It was about 6:30 p.m., well before dark, as she pulled to a stop in a parking space.

The teenagers, 17 or 18 years old, were close to the car before Anna noticed them.

"She said she was a lot scared," Carlos explained. "She was scared they were going to hurt her."

Scared but angry.

As the teens drove down High School Road, Anna jumped in a friend's car and briefly followed the teens.

"She wasn't thinking," Carlos admitted.

Who would be? The attackers got away with a 2009 black Nissan Rogue that Anna is still paying for. They also pocketed two cell phones in Anna's purse and $800 that took Anna three weeks to earn as a waitress.

"The money I'm not worried about it. I just worry about her health," Carlos said. "She started getting high blood pressure, her heart beating and chest pains."

Carlos was also scared.

After spending a night in the hospital, Anna said she intended to walk to her evening shift at a restaurant. Carlos works there, too. By late afternoon, Anna decided she was too worn out by the ordeal.

Without their phones, their car and cash what will they do? Speaking through her son, Anna said she would get back to work and pray.