Carbon monoxide incident renews detector law discussion

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The people who are paid to protect you say every school, daycare and home needs to have a carbon monoxide detector. Currently, there is absolutely no law in Indiana that requires it.

There is no way that anyone is going to smell it. and you are certainly not going to see it. When it comes to carbon monoxide, most people think of the vapors coming from your car exhaust. Regardless of its origin, it's deadly.

Mike Pruitt of the Wayne Township fire department holds a device that looks much like a smoke detector. He says it's a life saver. In the past couple years, Pruitt has been to homes with carbon monoxide levels so high, it caused fatalities. Pruitt says a detector could have warned them of high levels of the gas.

Carbon monoxide has a reputation as a killer in garages. There's also real danger in CO coming from your gas furnace, water heaters and small gasoline powered machines like a generator or pressure washer.

"I think any time you get an opportunity to install one of these in any building, whether it is occupied by humans it is a good idea" says Pruitt.

Indiana lawmakers considered legislation that would have required all licensed daycares, hotels, new homes and most public buildings to have some type of carbon monoxide detectors. Special interest opposition squelched the proposal.

This week, carbon monoxide levels in an Atlanta school were so high, 43 students and 10 adult staff had to be rushed to the hospital. Firefighters found the level of carbon monoxide inside the school approaching fatal levels.

Like Indiana, Georgia law doesn't require schools to have carbon monoxide detectors. Now there's a new move to change that in Georgia.

Eyewitness News has asked lawmakers to keep us up to date on proposals about carbon monoxide detectors when they come back to work in a few weeks.