Car dealerships scramble to remove snow

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If you had to spend a few minutes cleaning the snow off your car, imagine having to clean off hundreds of them just to get back in business.

That was the story at central Indiana car dealerships after a storm dumped seven inches of snow on Indianapolis Wednesday. With the year-end push for car sales, the dealerships were scrambling to get rid of the snow that covered their inventory.

With nine inches of snow in Greenwood, there was a lot to clean up here at Ray Skillman dealership. All staff members reported to work Thursday morning to clean off the cars and get rid of the snow. After every car is wiped off, all of them are moved and taken off the lot to allow the lot to be plowed.

Dealerships are back open Wednesday's storm, and the New Year's holiday is a popular selling time for car dealerships.

"We had a great winter last year because we didn't have any snow. We are paying for it this year! First snow out of the gate was a big one. This is bigger than we've had in a long time," said Cory Delp, Ray Skillman dealership.

"The biggest issue for us is not moving it; it's where do we put it when we move it because we've got such a huge inventory and cars are everywhere. We pile it up and bring in equipment to get the snow out of here because we need to get customers in and out. This is a big week for us with Christmas and New Year's. Time is of the essence to get this out of here," he said.