Candidates' Twitter accounts quiet on election night

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By Lauren Casey/WTHR intern

Election polls closed at 6pm in the Hoosier State and about an hour later the state went red to Gov. Mitt Romney (R), adding an early 11 electoral votes to his total.

Most statewide races remain too close to call at this point.

Eyewitness News is following Indiana's gubernatorial and Senate candidates on Twitter to find out how the candidates are feeling as the results flood in. But it appears as though most of the local campaign Twitter accounts went dark after the polls closed.

With so many Hoosier voters staying connected via social media sites, it is surprising that the candidates Twitter accounts have been relatively inactive over the past few hours.

Republican Mike Pence's campaign last tweeted a picture about four hours ago:

"#Mike4Gov greeted voters today at Douglas A. MacArthur elem school."

His Democratic challenger, John Gregg, and his campaign tweeted, "This race is going to be close, and there is still time to get people to the polls. To win, we need one final push," and tried to get his remaining supporters to the polls before closing.

Libertarian Rupert Boneham's Twitter account has been inactive since this past winter.

Indiana's Senate race is even closer, with two of the candidates stealing the lead from one another as precincts report in for the night. Democrat Joe Donnelly leads Mourdock 50-44 percent with 23 percent of precincts reporting, but his Twitter account hasn't been active since October 23rd.

His Republican challenger, Richard Mourdock, who took a hit in the polls after his last debate performance, tweeted:

"Don't forget: polls are still open in the CST counties of Indiana! Let's get ready for a great night!"

We will continue to monitor these accounts, and update you on the latest tweets from the candidates of the statewide races.

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